An invitation-only presentation for salon owners and top colourists

The Blumenkrants team, together with authentica, organized a runway show to present a professional hair colour inspired by fashion shooting and fashion show backstage.
COLOR.ME is a new colour range created by Kevin Murphy — a world-famous hair stylist. Before, he had already launched a brand of hair care products that is now distributed by authentica in Russia. The launch of this colour range was an important step for evolving his business and contributing to the development of the hairdressing industry in the country.

We were working together with a team of creative stylists, in order to make a small but fashionable and memorable event for the key clients of the company: salon owners and top colourists. The presentation had to reflect the main idea of the brand — its ability to create high-fashion shades, satisfying customers and meeting the requirements of professional hairdressers. That's why we came up with the idea of a fashion show inspired by famous fashion weeks.
On photos: the sketch by real stylists and their clients; stylists are creating looks live on stage.
We chose an underground venue on the premises of the design centre ARTPLAY for this private show, where we built a multi-storeyed "Tetris"-like runway with multiple screen of different sizes to show videos of the brand and to broadcast the show itself. Before the show, we decided to show a theatrical sketch compiled from scenes taken from everyday salon work, performed by real stylists and their clients. Simultaneously with the show, there was an art performance going on: during the event, three artists were creating calligraphy paintings consisting of words associated with love. Later, these painting were transported to authentica classes and put on the walls as decor.
On photos: the runway and models of the show.
Michael Jung, the head of education for the brand, as well as international educators Iggy Popovic and Juha-Matti Manninen came to Moscow for the presentation of COLOR.ME. Together with authentica stylists, they replicated 18 looks from the latest collection of the brand inspired by the bourgeois 70s'. Models came up on the runway wearing masks and hand-made headwear. Gold embroidered cocoons, velvet shells, hats with fringes all around, masks of mythological animals had the intended effect: models transformed into something different in front of guests' eyes: their mystical haute-couture looks changed into elegant pret-a-porter, leaving guests amazed.
The launch of COLOR.ME brand continued the list of events that we produced for the company authentica. This time, our job was to find an unusual solution to a pragmatic task and make a spectacular presentation of the new brand for potential customers and top colourists. We decided to work with people's emotions and impress them in a similar way as fashion weeks do. We created a fashion show in a former hangar, which we transformed into a venue with a multilevel runway, a bar and installations. Together with the director, we conceived the idea of the show, involving stylists and designers. As a result, just like the art performance NOISE, this beauty project was 100% fashion. I think this is the reason why our clients appreciate us: for being able to get the accents right.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO