Hairdressing art performance beyond allowed limits

Experts of Estetica Magazine wrote that NOISE was "a very unusual show for professionals of the beauty industry." Our colleagues, who awarded us "Event of the year" in category "fashion" for this event, share this opinion.
The founder and creative mastermind of the project Richard Ashforth says that he wanted to dare the old canons of the "pretty business" and create an "outside of the box" experience. The first NOISE show took place in London in an underground bar. Five years later, these avant-garde beauty project reached Europe and Asia. Our team was in charge of the concept and the production of the art performance in Moscow in 2016. The main aim of NOISE is to inspire the beauty professionals and motivate them to move forward. In order to do so, four international teams of top stylists created 13 stunning looks, while we took care of the content of the event that took it "outside of the box" of a hairdressing show.
NOISE was the second project that we organized together with authentica. Before, we assisted them with the launch of a new brand called Smith&Cult. However, it's hard to call this show "the second one." The extent, the ambition and the realization of the show definitely makes it number one. Initially, we wanted to combine theatre, art, rave, provocation, style and fashion. By mixing these genres together, we managed to create an extraordinary immersive performance.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO
We invited a strong team of tech experts and creative professionals to work on this project. The venue that we used — Bereg District — was still unfinished, so we constructed a stage using air-filtering metal pipes, installed a videomotion backscreen, industrial fans, confetti, and used cryo effects. This way, we wanted to preserve the underground style of the event, at the same time adding an element of a large show to it.

The entertainment area for guests represented a modern art gallery. They could paint on hair strands that were 5 metres long, take pictures with installations made from used bottles and tubes provided by the artists Ivan Zema and marvel at the paintings by Chris Mgas.
On photos: interactive entertainment for the guests of the event.
We wanted to make the event as provocative as possible, with guests and full participants in it. We wanted them to enter a dark world, where they would see caged Dobermans at the entrance and dancing animators wearing sinister Eastern masks, performing a shamanic ritual. It was a risk and we knew that it would have certain consequences. But the outcome exceeded our expectations: this 900 people' event was awarded "The Event of the Year 2016" in the category "Fashion."
Katerina Zvekova
account director