The fashionable finale of the annual contest conducted by a men's magazine

The executive producer Vlad Blumenkrants and the set decorator Anya Shmakina became fashion designers and created gold bikinis for every participant of the contest. The winner appeared on the cover of the September issue of the magazine.
Men's magazine Maxim holds an annual beauty contest. The Blumenkrants team joined the 15th competition organized by the magazine. Like every year, the top ten of the prettiest and hottest participants, who were selected by readers and passed the casting, took part in the finale where they had to face the jury and hundreds of viewers to win the crown. Normally, ladies in such contests wear red bikinis on stage, but this time the executive producer Vlad Blumenkrants suggested more modern and more fashionable outfits that would suit the general futuristic theme of the event. It was based on the idea of the American artist Joel Alvarez, who uses adhesive tape to create bikinis on the models' bodies, the author of the popular blog The Black Tape. The bikinis, accessories and headwear were designed by our decorator Anya Shmakina.

For this event, we chose Mercury Space as the venue. We took care of the decoration and branding of the space, designed the outfits for hostesses and invited the restaurant "Spettacolo" with their chef Lorenzo Guardino to create the menu for the event. Djs S-Brother-S were in charge of the music and created a cool dancing mood. The contest ended with a performance of a popular musician Vadim Samoylov, who sang the most famous songs of his band Agatha Christie.
On photos: the singer Vadim Samoylov and DJ-s S-Brother-S.
The jury of the contest consisted of the photographer Yury Koltsov, presenter Alexander Anatolyevich, executive producer of New Radio [Novoye Radio] Roman Yemelyanov, the writer and scriptwriter Alexander Tsypkin. The winner of the contest was Yekaterina Kotaro. The young woman won an opportunity to be on the cover of the September issue of the magazine and our team had the honour to produce this photoshoot, replicating the bikini that she wore during the contest. We were also mentioned in the issue of the magazine. According to a survey, this cover was one of the favourite ones among the readers of the magazine of all times. Star Hit reported about this event and the outfits: "Everyone was discussing that the participants appeared on stage wearing bikinis made of gold adhesive — one of the main fashion trends of 2017. It was really hot!"
On photos: the winner of the contest on the cover of the magazine and the finalists.
During the years of my career, I've worked with men's magazines more than once. We created more than just an event for MISS MAXIM — we created a style. At the beginning I said: no way they will wear red bikinis, we need art. Bikinis made of gold adhesive tape worked. The event was integral and fashionable.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO