The presentation of the new season of the Russian TV channel TV-3 for partners and advertisers

We are used to thinking of TV-3 as "the first mystical channel." In fact, this popular TV channel has no borders and no formats anymore. The blockbuster Gogol was a huge success; but there will be more: in the new season the TV-3 team prepared several breakthrough projects.
The channel executives entrusted us with the concept and the presentation for their partners, friends and advertisers. Our task was to present the new projects of the channel in an original way, such as the series The Dead Lake [Mertvoe ozero], An Ordinary Woman [Obychnaya zhenshchina], Tolya The Robot [Tolya-robot], and organize the premier of the sci-fi thriller The Blackout [Avanpost].
It was not our first event for TV-3: before, we organized the movie premier of Gogol. The Beginning [Gogol. Nachalo] for Kinotavr film festival in Sochi, and later in Moscow. Developing the concept for these events was a sheer pleasure, because the ideas for them were right on the surface. However, it wasn't easy to unite more than ten outstanding projects under one theme. We used our imagination and realized that imagination in itself is a great power, the sixth sense. We developed the script of the event around thoughts, images and perceptions. So, we offered the guests to "feel", "taste", "hear", "inhale" and "see the virtual reality" of the channel.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO
We expected around 1,000 invitees to come to the presentation and we were planning an unusual screening of the movie, so we chose Moscow International House of Music as the venue for our event. We installed multiple screens and smoke machines for the laser show on the stage, where the official part of the event took place.

The premier of The Blackout was accompanied by a symphony orchestra consisting of 52 musicians. Ryan Otter, the movie composer, created a few special pieces for the event. The newspaper Evening Moscow [Vechernyaya Moskva] wrote that Russian movies had never been screened like that before.
On photos: entrance decoration and hostesess wearing custom-made dresses.
In order to intrigue the guests by the new projects of the channel, we created a link between each of the projects and five sensory modalities and designed an interactive zone called "Five senses" — a maze where you could "touch" every project and also hear what it sounds like. We commissioned perfumes inspired by the new series. A team of mixologists invented cocktails based on their vision of the taste of the success of the current and future TV-3 projects.

The academic venue of the House of Music was transformed into a space lab of the future, full of installations and "employees" wearing suits in the style of the movie A Space Odyssey. The music for the event was created by the young and talented neoclassic composer Mikhail Mishchenko and Dj-s S-Brother-S.
On photos: guests in the interactive zone "Five senses": Mariya Lugovaya, Evgeniy Nikishov, Valeriy Fedorovich and Sabina Akhmedova.
A lot of respected and famous people came to support TV-3 premiers, among them Aleksey Ryazantsev, the CEO of Karo Premiere, Alexander Malenkov, the Chief Editor of Maxim magazine in Russia, the atctors Nadezhda Mikhalkova, Aleksey Chadov, Lukerya Ilyashenko, Anatoliy Belyy, Kirill Pletnev, Marina Aleksandrova and others.
I'm proud of the creative and technical aspects of this project. We used a venue that is equipped for acoustic piano and organ concerts, but we implemented an innovative technological solution there: we installed 2- and 3-metre big smoke reservoirs, created a laser show and implemented special effects. Each project and the stage looked alive during the presentation.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO