Third tour of the hairdressing show NOISE in Russia

NOISE is a project that defy stereotypes about hairdressing shows. The online hairdressing journal Beauty Reporter wrote: "When you think you've seen everything… NOISE just boggles your mind."
During their third visit to Moscow, NOISE transformed their performance into a trashy psychedelic moving circus. The event took place in WOW club in Taras Shevchenko Embankment. For the show, NOISE set up white tents with long-hair mannequins on top, which could be mistaken for real people. At the entrance, there was a crazy art installation made from colourful ribbons and three-metre tall stilt walkers greeted the guests.
On photos: the performance and the sets.
A group of actors dressed as freaks added to the effect of the circus inside the building: a mirror-woman, a black party king, a giant in a golden suit, a dwarf and a plus-size diva wearing a chain mask, who walked around flirting with guests.

We put the main focus on the lighting effects and the laser show. For example, for Moser, an iconic brand of hair clippers, we built a corner with blood red lights and a laser machine, where they placed models tied using a traditional Japanese rope bondage technique —Shibari. Every guest could come by and cut a strand of hair off one of the models' heads. People even queued to do it!
On photos: style created by the team of one of the participants of NOISE 2018 Andrey Krupchinskiy and Sasha Frolova's performance.
The script of the show on stage followed one of a typical circus performance: the program started with equilibrists; after that, six participating teams joined in and the show turned into a theatrical performance. We had invited videographers, who were broadcasting the event live, using glitch and video effects. Between stylists' shows, stage was given to acrobats, gymnasts and dancers. At the end of the show, Sasha Frolova, a provocative artist and a student of the famous experimentalist Andrey Bartenev, presented her project Aquaaerobika. She came up on stage dressed in latex and gave a concert as a singer from the future.
When we found out that guys from NOISE are coming back to Moscow, we were glad but also uncertain if we could replicate the success and the extent of the previous show. We would have to come up with another concept while keeping the DNA of the event. People know this show, they buy tickets in advance, and we just couldn't disappoint them. We decided that we are going to up our game and achieve a new level of the event organisation, and the theme of a psychedelic moving circus was very suitable. We thought through the entire programme, from the entrance to the venue to the curtain call, we added cut-ins between performances and integrated partners of the event into the programme in a creative way. Now, looking back at all the work we've done together with authentica, I realize that we created an entirely new culture of hairdressing shows.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO