A gala to mark the 16th anniversary of the development and construction company MR Group

Команда Blumenkrants вместе с концертным проектом Moscow Nights организовали торжественный вечер с выступлением Юрия Башмета и Константина Хабенского в сопровождении камерного оркестра "Солисты Москвы" по случаю дня рождения компании MR Group.
MR Group is one of the leaders in development of residential and commercial real estate in Russia. It is among the top 3 property developers in Moscow and the top 7 construction companies in Russia. MR Group transforms the appearance of the Russian capital, designing modern buildings that are harmonious and aesthetically pleasing. The company executives appreciate beauty, classical and modern art, painting and music. The entertainment programme at their customer events is always refined and intellectually stimulating. For their sixteenth anniversary celebration, we organized a music night that took place at the new concert venue Zaryadye in the very heart of Moscow.
On photos: a display of miniature models of buildings designed by MR Group; a chamber piano recital at the welcome area of the event.
The entertainment programme of the night was based on an art fusion: poetry, drama and instrumental music. At the beginning of the concert, Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists played their brilliant pieces composed by Grieg, Mozart and Paganini. Afterwards, the popular actor Konstantin Khabensky joined in and recited the narrative to the suite by Saint-Saense "The Carnival of the Animals", translated by Dmitry Bykov. His masterly acting and the beautiful words of the poem added to the grace and sophistication of this legendary musical piece.
On photos: the actor Konstantin Khabensky, the conductor Yuri Bashmet and the Moscow Soloists Chamber Orchestra.
MR-Group invited around 800 guests to their event, including company partners from various domains: finance, insurance, construction and government and state authorities. The Blumenkrants team carefully planned the visual aspect of the event, designed the invitations, the decoration of the venue and the company's project gallery. We arranged the logistics, the lighting and decorated the display of miniature models of buildings of the buildings developed by MR Group, organized the welcoming of the invitees, managed the work of ushers and the caterer. Together with our colleagues from the live event agency Moscow Nights, we prepared the entertainment programme, invited performers and took care of the technical rider.
Working on projects that have a cultural and artistic background is a real pleasure for a professional in our industry. But it's also challenging. This time, we had to learn to comply with the rules of working at venues with special requirements on security and paperwork. Our tech experts and the director's and producer's crew excelled at managing the programme from four control rooms. Classic, "Figaro here, Figaro there." Eventually, this social event with a symphony orchestra and the masters of the Russian scene was a great success, both our client and all the guests were thrilled.
Katerina Zvekova
account director