We are a team of experts, and we organize our events employing various techniques that are normally used in modern art, cinema, music and theatre.

We develop unconventional concepts, create performances and address all five senses of our guests: you can see our events, hear them, taste them, inhale them and touch them. They excite, involve and impress by their scale and style. Our way of working enables us to win prestigious industry awards and prizes for our events.
"Events became the center of my personal universe after the very first event that I organized. Over the years, I managed hundreds of events and I found like-minded colleagues and loyal friends.

As the producer, I stake my reputation on the idea, its realization and the end result. That's why the Blumenkrants team consists of people that I trust, they're experts that can develop unique ideas and impress the audience. Together, we create and carry out projects that we can be truly proud of.

For us, every event is a theatrical performance. We pay attention to its plot, form and its aftertaste. That's why our events are based on ideas that make them exlcusive. We believe in combining the experience of the past and the technologies of the future in order to create extraordinary events, which make our guests feel part of history that became awake."

Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, team's patron
Влад Блюменкранц – патрон команды и создатель event-агентства Blumenkrants
Production of shows and events
We execute "turnkey" projects: we develop the concept, plan the entertainment program, create the design, arrange the required equipment and staff, and control all processes.
Event direction
We design exclusive performances, get the director's and producer's crew, write the script, invite actors, performers, musicians and famous hosts.
Brand integration
We invite brands to participate in our events, plan the layout, create the design, arrange tech support, special effects and promotional staff.
We integrate music and modern art into our events, creating new formats. We can finetune our own unique format of intellectual games (such as our game "Answering a Question with a Question") for any event.
We design and manufacture sets for our events; create interactive installations in photo zones; make objets d'art that are up to standard of the most famous modern art galleries.
Photo and video
We create artistic video content for events and prepare reports that can be used on websites and social networks. We also arrange live broadcasting.
Do you want to organize more than just an event with us?
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