Catwalk and party to mark the 10th anniversary of a trendy Russian indie brand

A Moscow brand that creates "meaningful clothes" celebrated its first decade. To mark this occasion, we organized a tremendous show with elements of a rave at the club "1930 Moscow".
Grunge John Orchestra. Explosion (GJO.E) is an independent clothing brand that represents a fusion of such styles as grunge, military, music underground and "classic" streetwear. The first milestone of the brand was the launch of their first collection in 2009, which encapsulated the idea of honest and long-lasting clothing "beyond the system, stereotypes and time." Durable parkas made by this brand soon became their signature item and received international recognition. 10 years after the creation, the brand has its own style, and it has formed a whole community of people united by common interests and opinions. The flagship store became a gravitation point where friends, creative people and music lovers gather to party and to attend various music events.

On photos: the catwalk and the models during the GJO.E show.
I think GJO.E created an interesting community of urban dwellers. I'm a big fan of the brand, and I notice that when I see a person wearing a GJO.E jacket, I feel like talking to them. That's the magnetism of the brand. Maybe that's why there are lightnings on the logo. One could feel the electricity in the air during the preparation and the event itself. All of this allowed us to create a very cool show — a collaboration of a fashion brand and a team of event producers.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director
The anniversary celebration DECADE revolved around a music line-up with some of the most popular Moscow DJs. The event was held at the club called "1930 Moscow", where we created the vibe of a backyard party at the entrance area. There was a photo zone with the symbol of the brand made of rusty metal, the sponsor's bar, a lounge zone and an interactive installation. The street artist Ilya Bodrov aka Playbodik was painting on the surface of the concrete plate together with models wearing GJO.E parkas. Guests could take spray cans and templates and join the activity. The performance was dedicated to the capsule collection Concrete Curtain, which was inspired by the ideas of fighting against mental barriers in the society and against the "iconic" concrete fence with a diamond pattern. Vasily Bvoice, an experienced Moscow DJ, was in charge of the music outside, while a resident of top European and Russian parties Anushka was spinning on the ones and twos inside. Right before the show, the musician and producer Andrei Oid took her place to play a soundtrack that he prepared specially for the show.

On photos: the party entrance, the backyard installation and the street art performance.
At the beginning of the show, the representatives of the Dozhd TV channel came on stage to introduce the collaboration with GJO.E. This was followed by a catwalk with looks from the collections and capsules for the next season. The models were walking along a corridor of light formed by laser beams on top and light diodes at the bottom, which were flashing, lighting up and going out together with the music.

The highlight of the catwalk was a flash mob that showed the strong connection between the brand and its audience. During the finale, the models and the first rows of the viewers put on balaclavas, and the GJO.E team did a curtain call wearing balaclavas, too. The catwalk was followed by a light and music performance Tesla Live by the DJ Nikita Zabelin, who uses resonant transformers for his shows. The party continued with the performance of the frontman of the Franco-Belgian house project d'OP and the brothers Lipsky duet called Simple Symmetry.

On photos: decorations and lighting at the show, and guests at the party after the catwalk.
A great event presupposes a sophisticated script and the skilful use of technologies. For instance, when the catwalk is over and the concert and is about to begin, we need to switch the guests' attention and get them to stand up. So, we completely break the geometry of the space, we distract, putting the musician on the top level on the opposite side, remove the chairs and start a rave. All of these manoeuvres have to be drilled and performed like a clockwork.
Katerina Zvekova
account director
There were around 700 guests at the event, including many fans of the brand. A lot of people from Moscow's creative circle came to pay their respect to the brand, such as the singer Anton Belyaev (Therr Maitz), the founder of the Dozhd media holding Natalia Sindeeva, the designer Dmitry Loginov, the actress Lyubov Tolkalina, the TV presenter Alexander Anatolyevich, the designer Masha Tsigal and others.
On photos: musician Cédric K Gasaïda, stylist Vasilisa Gusarova and TV presenter Alexander Anatolyevich.
It took Blumenkrants team a lot of work, time, concentration and persistency to achieve a great result. The team proves that there are people who are ready to help, support, assist and put even the boldest ideas into life without giving up halfway.
Ilya Nafeev
co-founder of the GJO.E brand