Public talk with neuroscientists and D-PULSE band album presentation

D-PULSE, the Russian electronic music band released their third studio album called "Dancing Qualia", inspired by the research of the brain, consciousness and artificial intelligence. The record presentation combined with a mini conference on neuroscience and a music performance.
While recording their new album, the musicians studied various philosophic and neurobiological research. They also talked to the specialists of The Moscow Centre for Consciousness Studies at the Philosophy Faculty of Moscow State University and the Institute for Advanced Brain Studies of the Moscow State University. Konstantin Anokhin, a Russian professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the grandchild of a legendary soviet scientist, was their mentor in the field. As the result, every song on the album is dedicated to a scientific matter or a phenomenon, which is reflected in the name of the track.

The meaning of the music became the starting point for the concept of the event — "edutainment", a pastime that combines entertainment with an an educational element. The venue for the event was the rooftop restaurant in the Skolkovo innovation centre. 300 invitees participated in the public talk that was the first part of the presentation. Tatyana Chernigovskaya, an expert in neuroscience and psycholinguistics, doctor in biological sciences, and Dmitry Volkov, an entrepreneur and doctor in philosophy, were the key speakers at the event. The public talk ended with an audio-visual show and the presentation of a few songs from the new album.

On photos: Stanislav Nikolsky (on the left), speakers Dmitry Volkov, Tatyana Chernigovskaya, Konstantin Anokhin (on the right).
D-Pulse members are also working on a multimedia art project Tundra dedicated to high-tech audio-visual performances. In order to complete the music show, they created two installations. One of them, based on laser projections, symbolized the dynamic neuron space. In order to achieve this effect, we built a tent with grass growing from it upside down. The other installation, with a round screen on the stage, represented music as "the dance of neurons" in the heads of the artist who creates the work and the viewer who interprets it.

Blumenkrants designed the general concept, the style and the branding of the event, picked a venue, organized the technical setup and the layout.

On photos: installation "Neuron space", D-Pulse musicians and the guests of the forum.
D-Pulse are my friends and my heroes. They spent 18 months talking to scientists and collecting material for their album. This project deserves being heard and noticed, that's why we turned to Blumenkrants for the event organization. They contributed a lot to the structure and the content of the event. Vlad helped develop the concept of the Art Science Forum, so we're planning to hold this pop-science conference regularly, following a similar format.
Stanislav Nikolsky
the creative mastermind of ART SCIENCE FORUM