An event to mark the launch of a makeup brand Smith and Cult

The first joint project of authentica, a leading distributor of professional cosmetics, and the Blumenkrants team consisted in a public talk with beauty industry experts and a stylish party with a full immersion into the atmosphere of provocation.
Authentica in Russia represents only technologically advanced and popular cosmetic brands, created by professionals and experts of the beauty industry. The company's portfolio is regularly updated with new gems, such as Smith and Cult — a brand that widely uses provocative ads in its commercials and social networks, a makeup manufacturer that makes product packaging look like gold bars. Beyonce's stylists couldn't resist this trick, so we expected it to be a huge success among Russian nail artists and salon owners too.

Smith and Cult is one the brands of LBP group that unites several ranges of hair care products. That's why authentica decided to bring beauty 'troops' in Moscow, that would participate in a number of events dedicated to the beauty industry, including a business conference, workshops and a presentation. This is how we came up with the idea of the project "Thoughts out loud", which helped us create an opportunity and a space for professionals to meet, talk, share opinions and look for answers to their questions relating to expertise, beauty and success.
On photos: sponsor's zone and unique design of the event.
The Blumenkrants team joined the project in order to unite the formats and create an integral event. Our job was to make the programme of the event and fill it with stylish content. We focused on making it provocative and adding 'devil' to every detail. This resulted in such ideas as the striptease performance, sweet pink porn-corn and phallic lollipops.

The central idea of the concept was immersion. Guests were involved in the proceedings right after the official part of the event, after the experts gave their speeches. When the public talk was over, guests looked under their chairs to find black masks inspired by the movie Eyes Wide Shut. They put them on and went to the party area, accompanied by the applause of authentica staff all dressed in black.

The official part of the event took place in Loft on the 1905 , where we created a few colourful areas in the style of Smith and Cult. One of the most stunning performances was the maze of dancing arms. They would grabb guests and embrace them. There was also a photo zone and a test zone for nail polishes: guests put their hands through a "glory hole" — an opening in the wall where hidden nail artists gave them a pleasant hand massage and put polish on their nails. Our activities were evenly distributed across the two floors of the fashionable loft.
On photos: actors and guests in the performance room, Manizha's performance.
On the first floor, there was an area with integrated hair dryers Dyson provided by a sponsor and a dynamic press wall that guests could add something to: thoughts, wishes, words and drawings. On the second floor, there was a white hall with a cyclorama showing trendy video art; next door one could watch various performances: a tough man with a big beard lying in a bathtub applying nail polish, a pinup diva licking cake icing from the tips of her super long nails, a half-naked dancer dancing at the pole, a sexy lady barber shaving a client with a straight razor, a tattoo artist making a new tattoo on a model, half-naked acrobats wriggling on a twister mat, following the instructions of the guests. All in all, it was a fashionable performance den that even Marina Abramovich would approve of. Closer to the end of the party, a storm broke out outside, and the charming singer Manizha closed off the event with an emotional performance accompanied by the sound of a band, thunder and pouring rain.
"Thoughts Out Loud" was our first collaboration experience with authentica: it was a baptism of fire and the beginning of a long journey. We proved to this highly creative company that our own creative talents are just as strong as our organizational skills. Presenting nail polish is not a simple task. We did a fantastic job, because we managed to feel the brand's story and transform it into the script of the event. We had many provocative ideas and the client confirmed all of them. This trust and courage taken together create the secret of a real success.
Vlad Blumenkrants
performance director, CEO