We find something special about every event and create a show around it. Our projects are based on unusual ideas and impressive visual solutions that enable us to reveal the soul of every project and its uniqueness.

While working on a project, we carefully plan each and every detail of the concept, write a script, get a team of professionals, build sets, prepare the equipment, decorate the venue and assist our partners before, during and after the main part of the event.

Our events receive awards
The Eventex international award selected the hairdressing art performance NOISE 2019 as the artistic event number one in the world. It was recognized as the best business event for business audience according to BEMA Festival (Best Experience Marketing Festival). It became the main fashion event at the national award Event of the Year for the second time. The presentation of the new season of the TV-3 channel was among the best Russian events at the Eventex award.
Our partners trust us
We build long-term relationships with our partners based on mutual trust. For the majority of our regular clients, we have already produced at least four events for each of them; and we have been cooperating with the Jewish community for more than five years, organizing events and traditional celebrations.
Our ideas transform into brands
Once, we came up with the idea of transforming traditional dinners into charity events and organized a series of intellectual games "Answering a Question with a Question." After the first season of the game, we collected more than 1,500,000 roubles to donate to charity organizations and formed a community of 600 participants. After testing this new format, we can recommend it for any event.
We dedicated our lives to event management. Our Executive Producer Vlad Blumenkrants organized his first event in 2000, and each member of the dream team has more than 5 years of experience.
We cooperate with those who share our values. Our like-minded associates include top directors, stage designers, actors and technical experts.
We respect partnerships, so we act like equals: not like an outside contractor, but like an in-house division of the company that commissioned the event.
We receive recognition and awards from the industry experts. In 2019 we were included in TOP-30 creative agencies and event organizers around the world according to Eventex All-Stars Index.
We bring ideas and solutions, we carefully plan every detail of our projects, because we stake our reputation on the end result.
While directing our events, we don't limit ourselves by standard formats, we experiment, engage modern art techniques and promote "the good taste."
  • Katerina Zvekova
    account director
  • Ilya Vinogradov
    technical director
  • Nadya Wolfman
    account manager
  • Julia Mirochnik
    stage director
  • Anya Shmakina
    set decorator
  • Vlad Blumenkrants
    performance director, CEO